Boat Fleet

La Trobe University Rowing Club

Boat Fleet

Boats under the ‘Green’ tab can be taken out by all. They are to be your first choice when going out to row.

Boats under the ‘Orange’ tab can only be taken out if a ‘Green’ boat is already out.

Boats under the ‘Red’ tab are for restricted use. They can only be taken out when accompanied by a coach or with permission from the Boat Captain AND the Head Coach. No exceptions.

Light 1x : The Flash,  Preston

Heavy 1x : Juggernaut

L2R 1x : Jordie

Light 2x : Michael Hedger

Heavy 2x / 2- : Jeanette Botham

Light 4x- : Mach 2

Light 4x+ : Mandy Crofts

Heavy 4x+ : Jigsaw

L2R 4x+ : White Lightning

Light 8+ : Sarah Laussen

Heavy 8+ : The Dean

Light 1x : Pulse

Heavy 1x : Simon Herd

Light 4x+ : Andrew Downie (Tank)

Light 1x : Denis Henry

Light 2x / 2- : The Laussen

Light 4x- : Hannah Every

Light 4x+ : Andrew Armstrong