Club awards

Club Awards

The Club honours those members who have been awarded with the University’s highest sporting award for outstanding achievements in rowing.

The Club also recognises those members who have been acknowledged by the University for their outstanding service to the Club.

Some names may have inadvertently been left off the following lists. If you are aware of any omissions please let the Club know as we are seeking to collate the Club’s history.


1978  Bernadette Higgins, Full Blue
1979  Meryll Evans, Full Blue
1979  Anette Holland, Full Blue
1994  Stuart Billard, Full Blue
1994  George Keon-Cohen, Half Blue
1994  Matthew Morrow, Full Blue

1994  Phil Roberts, Full Blue
1994  Peter Somerville, Full Blue
2011  Meredith Burrell, Full Blue
2011  Jeanette Botham, Full Blue
2011  Mandy Crofts, Full Blue

Outstanding Service Award

1973  Simon Tulloh
1975  John Frearson
1975  Thomas Mullins
1975  Amanda Smith
1975  Athol White

1991  Lindon Egan
1991  Meryll Evans
2007  Jamie Robertson
2008  Michael Hedger
2009  Simon Herd